Dear Patients:

I hope you and your families are safe and healthy. In order to help my patients during this stressful time I have rolled out a new telemedicine service. As you may know, televisits, also known as remote healthcare visits, are visits conducted via smartphones or personal computers. They provide a safe, efficient way for me to connect with you via the comfort of your home.

To conduct our virtual visits I have elected to use a company called Doxy . I selected this service because of its simplicity. You will not be required to download any new software in order to utilize this service.

If you have a podiatric problem, but do not feel comfortable scheduling an in-person visit, we can arrange a virtual visit for you.

In order to schedule a virtual visit, please call the office at 212-947-2320.

My office staff will then schedule the appointment. At the time of your visit, you will receive an email containing a link that will connect us. It’s that simple. In most cases, the visit will be covered by your health insurance.

I realize that there are many conditions that require a hands-on approach. Our office remains open for those patients who are healthy, but are in pain and are in need of in-person treatment. Exam chairs, countertops and equipment are disinfected between patients. Our staff is using face masks and gloves and our patients are encouraged to fill out all forms prior to arrival.
If you or a family member are experiencing flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough, shortness of breath or fatigue, you will be asked to reschedule your in-office appointment or to schedule a virtual visit.

We are all experiencing this together. Please stay healthy and safe in the days and weeks to come.