Americans seem to suffer a disconnect between what logic dictates is good for their health and what they do. They exercise, but they also sunbathe. They eat large salads instead of dinner, but snack on high-calorie, high-cholesterol junk foods. This habit extends down to the toes, or at least the toes of many women. Just ask the podiatrists and foot and ankle surgeons who do a brisk business in repairing feet wounded by the fashion
During the dream scene of Singin’ in the Rain, Gene Kelly finds himself eye to foot with Cyd Charrise’s long, luxurious leg—and her emerald high heel. As he stands up to retrieve his hat from the tip of her stem, the spike points straight at him until she raises her leg to the heavens. It’s pure bliss. Throughout her seduction of Kelly, she remains perched on a demi-pointe both required by and accentuated by her footwear.
As runners, our most valuable possessions are our feet. And while our tootsies may not win any beauty contests (hello, black toenailsand blisters galore), their overall health is crucial, as it impacts our entire skeletal structure, explains Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, D.P.M. and spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association. Turns out, there are lots of little things we do everyday that set us back on this front. Here, Sutera and two other podiatrists share the widely-practiced, surprisingly harmful habits that damage our
When I was a resident, I saw a middle-aged man, “Charles,” who came into the hospital after playing a round and a half of golf. When I looked at his right foot, he had an ulcer in the shape of a golf tee. He had played the entire day with a golf tee in his shoe and only noticed when he found drainage on his sock. The story sticks in my mind because he was
Summer may seem like the perfect time to let your toes breathe, but there are a lot of hazards, obvious and not so obvious, that could affect your feet. Dr. Lori Weisenfeld, a sports podiatrist in New York City, said that foot issues fluctuate with the seasons and one key thing people forget in the summer is that feet are susceptible to sunburn too. “We walk around in the sun all day… I’m talking about