Abstract: Diabetic foot infections are common and preventable occurrences that raise the risk of amputation. Regular foot screenings by a primary care physician are a first line of defense against such infections and can be life- and limb-saving. Simple self-care strategies also can help alert patients—particularly those with diabetic neuropathy—to foot lesions that may become infected, prompting them to seek appropriate care. Main Article: Background Diabetic foot infection, defined as “a soft tissue or bone
“Tight shoes can compress your toes, forcing the flesh into the nail,” says Jenny Salazar, a nail technician in New York City. Another culprit: Nails that are too short and curved in at the corners can dig into the skin, says Salazar. Fast Fix: Soak your foot in a tub of warm water three times a day to help reduce inflammation. If the pain and swelling don’t subside within 48 hours, see a podiatrist, who
Some bad news about your go-to summer shoe may cause fashionistas who love their flip-flops to flip out! The American College of Sports Medicine reported that the ultra-comfortable and stylish shoe staple is bad for your health! iMag turned to Dr. Laurie Weisenfeld, a renowned podiatrist, to size up the findings and deliver the feet facts. iMag: Why are flip flops so bad? Dr. Weisenfeld: Flip flops generally do not provide the type of support
Make no mistake about it: “Shopping is a sport,” maintains podiatrist Lori Weisenfeld, spokeswoman for the Sunset Park-based footcare line ProFoot.  Now that the final weekend of holiday gift shopping is here, otherwise sedentary readers might feel compelled to attempt a present-buying marathon, sprinting up 86th Street in Bay Ridge, weaving between pedestrians on Park Slope’s Fifth or Seventh avenues, or hopping in and out of boutiques on Smith Street.  It might be necessary to
Hard-Top Toes Chips on a two-day-old pedicure can drive a girl bananas. The sanity saver: gel nail polish formulas, which “look the same on day 14 as they did on day one,” promises Gabrielle Ophals, owner of Eve Salon in New York City. From the comfort of your couch, try Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit ($79, at Ulta), an at-home gel system that comes with base and top coats, an LED light to cure the